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International shipping

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Household goods shipment
"Household goods are transported very fast. I can recommend this quotation service to anyone!"
By: J. Healy from Los Angeles
Rating: 8/10
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Business goods shipment
" We had to ship big parts to Northern Canada. We are happy that we got quotes from some container service companies via this website. We really saved some monvey!"
By: L. Hyslop from Chicago
Rating: 8/10
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International Shipping Companies

Need to arrange an international shipment? You can quickly and easily request obligation free quotes for your international shipment requirements. Avoid the chasing around and save yourself time and money using

In a single request you can compare quotes from up to six international shipping companies. By comparing quotes, you can save money on your international shipment costs.

Select your current location and final destination below and international shipping companies will respond directly to you!

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International shipping

Looking for prices of door-to-door shipments? Full or partial truckloads?
Find the right freight forwarder and receive quotes from international shipping companies.

Shipping household goods
Piano, furniture, electronics or a full household move

Shipping business goods
Parcel packages, crates, pallets, container transport, bulk cargo or fragile goods

Vehicle transportation
Cars, bikes, SUVs, RVs, trucks, trailers, boats, tractors, campers or caravans.

Car shipping companies

Car shipping companies can provide single car transport to any destination you want. 

Transporting cars on a ship requires a good logistic organization helped by special lifting equipment. High skills are absolutely needed when lifting your car or other vehicle. The international shipping companies take care of all of those needs. The transportation companies on can transport several kind of vehicles; cars, trucks , busses , boats , RV’s  and motor cycles. Read more about car shipping here.


Compare international shipping companies

Are you searching for a reliable shipping company and don't know where to start? Using, you can quickly and easily request quotations from up to 6 trustworthy shipping companies in your area. Compare their prices and services to help you choose the best solution to meet your needs.

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