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What does an expeditor do?

Putting it simply, an expeditor expedites. Expediting is a strategy to ensure that goods are procured and delivered in a timely manner, and that the processes adhere to quality control standards. If you need to speed up the process of a delivery and the associated logistics, then an expeditor can assist you.

It is not simply a case of getting things done more quickly. An expeditor has to ensure that the correct procedures are still followed, the appropriate paperwork processes are maintained and that the duty of care is undertaken.

Key tasks that demonstrate the value of an expeditors role commonly include:

  • Identifying supplier steps for delivery compliance
  • Providing up to date order status and delivery reports
  • Reviewing order delivery schedules and documentation requirements
  • Ensuring that all export documents and paperwork are in order
  • Liasing closely with nominated carriers for timely momement of goods
  • Awareness of potential challenges and consideration of alternative options
  • Order review and checking for correctness and accuracy

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