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Freight forwarders

A freight forwarder is either a person or a company that co-ordinates and arranges shipments for individuals or other companies. Other terms that you may hear being used in place of freight forwarder is simply a forwarder or a forwarding agent. A forwarder is generally not active as the carrier itself as such. Instead they act in an agent capacity only. That means that they are actually a third party to the transaction. 

A freight forwarder assists with the logistics provision of shipments and arrangement of space with carriers. When referring to carriers, the types of carriers refers to the method of transportation so it is commonly by ship, air, road or rail.
As a general rule, freight forwarders are involved in the arrangement of cargo being transported to international or overseas destinations. In this regard, the term international freight forwarder may also be used.

Due to complex nature of the transaction, they have expertise and knowledge that allows them to prepare and process the correct documentation and carry out other required tasks that relate to the movement of international shipments. These include such things as import and export declarations, bill of lading and other necessary documentation.

What services can freight forwarders provide cargo quotes for?

• Booking space with a carrier
• Arranging cargo insurance
• Recommedations and tips for packaging, marking, and labeling
• Completing export documentation
• Advice and guidance around foreign import regulations
• Arrangement of products for packing and placement in to containers
• Export clearance

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