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Motorcycles shipped from Dubai
"Our motorcycles were shipped last week. We were happy that we used our motors in the Emirates and that there was no damage at all!"
By: P. Hedge from London, England on 30-04-2012
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No problems shipping a few boxes
"My nephew moved to Dubai last week, but took some items away from me. So we did need to ship this back to Germany. We’re happy that we found as it made it easy to choose a shipping company. Next week all my personal stuff should leave Dubai."
By: L. Schumacher from München, Germany on 08-08-2012
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Shipping from Dubai


More recently, shipping from Dubai has become an even more important shipping route. When shipping from Dubai, your items will be shipped from a world-class port. Dubai is now considered a preferred container port. The local transportation industry in Dubai has advanced freight forwarders and shipping opportunities.

There are several international shipping companies who are operating in the United Emirates. Dubai is now one the most important economical leading cities in the Middle East. When you need to ship items from the United Emirates, you might use the services of one of the shipping companies

The service of support shipping quotes for all kinds of items. These include shipping containers, cars, auto, boxes, motorcycles and much more. Shipping a single item is not an exception!

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  1. Choose your country and city
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About shipping froim Dubai

Custom rules
There are no taxes imposed for used personal items and other household goods. You should allow that custom clearance can take up to fifteen days, but the actual time frame is often dependent upon the total shipment volume.

Documents required
  • Passport
  • Inventory list

    Prohibited items
    Inflammable goods, religious books, foodstuff, figures of animals with religious tone, radio transmitters, certain medicines, narcotics, weapons, military uniforms, narcotics and much more. Please get informed by your shipping company or authorities in the Emirates.

    Restricted items
    Note that film tapes, photographic material, magazines and films need to be inspected.

    Transit time
    The average transit time for container shipping is usually between seven and ten weeks door-to-door; or three to six weeks port-to-port.

    Popular items shipped from Dubai

     Shipping from Dubai

    In this diagram you can find what most users of shipped.

    The most commonly shipped items are cars, trucks and other four wheel vehicles. Additionally, motorcycles, general boxes, pallets and parcel packages are shipped regularly by visitors on

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