Shipping terminology


When you are arranging anything via a shipping company or freight forwarder, it is likely that you will hear a number of terms being used regularly. Here is a short list of commonly used words and phrases used in the logistics industry that you may not have been familiar with.

An agent is a person conducting a transaction on behalf of someone else.

A backhaul (or backload) is the return journey of a round trip. These may have variable rates as a carrier will evaluate their availability of space and modify accordingly.

Bill of lading (BOL)
Is the paperwork accompanying your shipment that contains the contract between the consigner  and agent.

A carrier is the person or company who transports freight.

The recipient of the goods is the consignee.

They are large metal rectangular constructions commonly used for bulk shipping of items.

If there is an disruption to the handling and shipment process,  it is  referred to as an embargo. These could include disruptions due to natural disasters such as flooding or other issues such as industrial strikes.

Transit time
The total amount of time taken for the delivery process.

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